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2014 Summary

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Thankful. Appreciative. Blessed. Honored. Humbled. Loved.

These words and many others, have come to mind over this past year as we think about our prayer partners and financial partners.  We are deeply grateful to you and we thank the Lord for all that you do to bless and encourage us!! Thank you!!

We are mailing out our Christmas letter in the next couple of weeks which will highlight our year.  We look forward to finishing our first term and going back to the states in July, but we also want to finish strong.

As we complete our time in Nicaragua and look forward to 6 months in the states, we have been asked, what do you need?  How can we help you?  These are great questions. First thought that comes to mind is - Prayer…God has not brought us this far to leave us.  We want to trust Him for a place to stay in the states, a van to use, and someone to rent our home in Nicaragua Thanks for being willing to walk beside us and help us.  Thoughts that come to mind:

Financial Needs for our family:

  1. We need to buy 6 plane tickets to the States (and back).  Right now they are $650 and hopefully they won’t go up. :)
  2. All our kids had to have braces this year because of an overbite that will affect their teeth and their bite later in life.  That was an expense that was not planned.
Financial Needs for our ministry
  1.  Thank you so much for providing money for the kitchen and bathrooms at the feeding center! That stage is complete!  The next stage is to build an actual church building and begin a church.  We are working on raising money to build a wall for better security.  Some of the people of the church have committed to providing money for one cement block each month. 
  2. We are driving a 1998 micro bus.  We need to buy a newer van when we return in 2016. We use this all the time for ministry. (last week Mark had 22 people in our 15 passenger van).  We have some money available towards a newer van but we are short about $17,000.
  3. Help for the national church planters that we work with.  These pastors have varying needs in their new church plants:  walls, roofs, bathrooms, classrooms, food for feeding centers, Sunday school materials, etc.  We also need sponsors for our new students who are attending our church planter training classes.  These sponsorships allow us to provide the classes at a very minimal cost.
Thank you!
Our kids are sitting down but Gabe, next to Mark, is almost 6 ft.  Andy  and Ben are about 5'8.  Julia is about 5'2.  Everyone is taller than Jen. 
As a special treat, we served dirt cake.  We used 1,104 Oreos, 4 gallons of milk, 16 boxes of pudding, 680 gummy worms, 3 sheet cakes, and 5 bottles of whip cream for between 160 -170 kids.
Our favorite scorpion team.  They were hard workers!! And they did it without complaining about the scorpions in their cabins at night. 
Over 170 people came to celebrate the new kitchen. Good thing we are in Nicaragua and personal space isn't a issue :)
Our home church, Washington Heights, brought the youth group down.  It was a great encouragement to us.
A wonderful team from Memorial Baptist came to work with us for a week! We love and miss you, Memorial Team!