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Addendum to our January Prayer Letter

In our prayer letter - we explained our support goal:

"We are praying earnestly for Him to perform this miracle and that He will be glorified when the impossible is accomplished.  It seems like a lot - but if 30 people will join us at 1% - we will be there!! It can be done!! God can do it - we are praying that God will lead us to those He wants us to partner with financially. Will you pray with us?  Will you be one of the 30 people needed to get us to our necessary training?"

Several people have inquired of us - What is 1% of your monthly support? The answer is $85 per month. Our mission agency, ABWE, establishes our monthly support level.  If you would like a break down of the monthly support requirements, we would be happy to e-mail that information to you. 

We know that God puts different amounts on different people's heart.  We have people giving $10 a month and we have people giving $250 a month.  It is all about what God puts on your heart. If God puts it on your hearts to partner with us financially - please click on this link http://www.abwe.org/give/commit-to-support-a-missionary/

Every amount helps us to meet our goal. Thank you again, to those of you who already partner financially with us! We would not be where we are today without you.  To those of you who pray for us and encourage us - we are deeply grateful - please know your prayers are working.


Mark and Jen