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Institute of Church Planters


Description & History

The Institute of Church Planters opened its doors in August of 2007.  It is a two year training program administered by ABWE missionaries working in collaboration with an association of Nicaraguan Baptist Churches and a Nicaraguan Bible Institute. Nicaraguan men accepted into our program often have some formal Bible training, are leaders in their local churches, believe God is calling them to start a new church, and must have the blessing of their pastor to join the program and start this new work. Using "The Omega Course", which is a practical guide to church planting, we train these men to go out and start a new church in a needy area of Nicaragua.

The combined classroom training and mentoring by ABWE missionaries, guidance and help of the mother church and pastor, and Bible training and zeal of the student create an amazing foundation for the start and growth of new churches.

The Goal

Our goal is that every person in every town, in every city, of every department in Nicaragua has the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel message through the means of a local church.

How it works

Over a 2 year period these men will attend monthly training sessions at our ministry center receiving around 130 hours of classroom training. When they are not in the classroom they will be mentored, encouraged, held accountable, and actively involved in the church planting process.

The goal is that, at the end of the 2 year program, several of these men will have a viable, self-supporting, Biblically based, nationally pastored new church or "new church in process" in a targeted location in Nicaragua.