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Ministry Center Projects


Plans are being made!

Buildings at the ABWE Ministry Center

We are in great need of space. Every aspect of our camp is looking for more space: pastoral training classes, camp activities, the kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. The center lacks a place to efficiently work on maintenance issues and on camp projects. The center does not have adequate space for storage and maintenance of the variety of things necessary to operate a camp facility – from mattresses, to game supplies, to maintenance supplies, to tools, to stage props, etc. The center also lacks adequate cleaning facilities to keep the camp running smoothly.

God has given us a facility that ministers to over 20,000 people per year. We are very busy and a lot is happening, but the infrastructure has been surpassed by the volume of activity.

Here is how you can help
You can give on-line at http://myaccount.abwe.org/p-2036-nicaragua-ministry-center-project.aspx (#0725303-001) or give through our personal account http://myaccount.abwe.org/p-1834-holsinger-mark-and-jennifer.aspx.
You can also give by mail by using this form http://www.abwe.org/sites/default/files/resources/documents/attachments/2016/09/Mail-in%20Support%20Form%20.pdf
Thank you!

Kitchen expansion and remodeling

This project will include an addition to the back of the kitchen, installation of a hood system over the stoves, new stove, and a basic facelift for the dining hall that serves 30,000 meals a year.

Cost: $25,000 Received to date: $3,500

Maintenance/Housekeeping/Storage Building.

The building would include indoor and outdoor maintenance facilities, secure storage for maintenance equipment, office for maintenance supervisor, utility room for washing and cleaning, and space for general storage.

Cost: $140,000

Office/Project Building.

Construction of an office building that would be used by the center administrative staff as well as the camp ministry staff. The office building would include separate office space for the center and camps with shared meeting and work space.

Cost: $70,000

Employee area

Construction of an open-air employee lunch and locker area that would be used by the 20 center employees to store their personal items, eat lunch, park their bicycles, etc. Currently, the employees do not have space of their own - no place of their own to eat, prepare, or store food. No place to securely store personal items. No place to securely store their bicycles. This rustic building would give them a place of their own.

Cost: $5,000

Special needs fund

A camp facility like Centro ABEM always have special needs that arrive during the year. Sometimes there are emergencies. Other times there are small projects that become urgent. Sometimes we have low income months. This special needs fund would allow the center to operate effectively without being deterred by unexpected expenses.

Cost: Any amount

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