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Need for support

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We need your help!

We need to raise additional support.

In 2 months, we will have been here for a whole year!  We cannot thank God enough for His provision this year.  We are so thankful to you - for your prayers, your financial support, and your encouragement!! Thank you!!

For the past 10 months we have been here, we have been under supported by $600 a month.  Want to know what's awesome?  A church doubled their support last month and so now we are short only a little over $500 a month!

We have 100+ individual supporters.  If each of our financial supporters were to increase their giving by $5.00, we would have what we need.  Maybe some of you could double your support.  Maybe some of you could give a one time gift.  Any amount will help us love on these kids in Nicaragua.  Will you please pray and see how God would use you to help us? http://holsinger.abwe.org/donate-support

In 6 days, we are going to have a "Let's meet the need in Nicaragua for the Holsinger's".  It will last 5 days, November 4-8, in which we are praying that God will meet our financial needs through you.  Each day we will be praying and sending out a short letter as to how God is providing.  We know we can be fully funded by the end of the 5th day!! God can do it!!

You might be asking, how is some of that money spent?  Great question!! Please see the pictures below and read how God is using you to bless children, how God is using YOU - to spread the gospel!

For more details on how to get involved with our ministry please check out information on our website at http://holsinger.abwe.org/get-involved-
Playing with kids, letting them know they are valuable.
Loving the kids at the feeding center
Helping church plants with their children's ministries.
Doing crafts with kids who live around the dump.  Nearly 100 kids come to learn about God, make a craft, and get a hug.
Feeding the children where it is likely that this will be the only meal they eat that day. 
Sharing the gospel with kids in an English speaking school.