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The ABWE Ministry Center is very busy with camps, retreats, pastoral training, etc.  We are excited about all that is going on and how God is using this property.  However, we are in need of many things to improve and maintain the property.  Among the needs are:

1. Maintenance/housekeeping building

Thousands of people visit the center each year and everyone enjoys the pool, gym, cabins, kitchen, etc. However, to provide these facilities and the grounds for all these people, a lot of maintenance and cleaning is necessary. Currently our maintenance and cleaning facilities and storage are scattered in several buildings and we do not have a convenient work area. We need to build a facility to house our washing and cleaning services, house tools and equipment, and provide a workshop area. This is not a glitzy project but one that is vital to the long-term maintenance of the center. We estimate this project to be $125,000-$150,000.

2. Kitchen upgrades/maintenance

Our kitchen will serve almost 30,000 meals this year! Our cook, Oscar, and his crew work extremely hard in the hot kitchen. We need to make some upgrades in order to give them the facilities they need to provide their delicious food. Items needed: Addition to back of kitchen for storage space, industrial stove for large pots,  range hood and ventilation system, racks, and needed maintenance. Estimated cost $20,000-$25,000.

3. New office building

We need more office space! We need additional office/work space for the administrative and preparatory tasks performed daily at the center.  Currently the camp staff are using two of our classrooms in our teaching building.  The classrooms are too small for their purpose as offices/work space and are taking up space we need for small groups and other camp activities.  We are planning a new office that would provide space for the center administrative staff as well as the camp staff with a shared meeting room and work room. We expect this project to cost around $60,000.


Other needs:

  1. Cabin renovations $10,000
  2. Employee lunch/storage area $4,000
  3. Backup generator system $15,000
  4. Covered grilling area for groups $3,000
  5. Plant bushes to form fence around the property $10,000
  6. Replacement of main electric line from the road $20,000
  7. Riding lawnmower $4,000
  8. New beds $5,000
  9. Benches and seating areas $2,000
  10. Landscaping improvements $5,000
  11. Large trailer for tractor $2,000
  12. Outdoor showers by pool $1,000

Other long-term needs:

  1. Gazebo and seating area between gym and dining hall $5,000
  2. New large cabin $30,000
  3. 2nd pool for small children $25,000
  4. ATV for hauling $6,000
  5. Porches for cabins $10,000
  6. Deluxe guest house $40,000
  7. Pave road to office $80,000
  8. Low ropes course $6,000
  9. Perimeter wall $75,000
  10. Vocational school $250,000
  11. Splash park $5,000
  12. Game and group meeting room $20,000