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Prayer letter June 2014

Mark Holsinger on August 21, 2014

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This is where we live

Mark Holsinger on June 19, 2013

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Moving into our new house

Mark Holsinger on June 13, 2013

We are busy getting settled in our new house in Nicaragua.  It is so nice to have our own house!  It was nice to have a place to stay when we arrived here but eventually it is nice to have you own place with your own stuff and not live out of boxes.  We like our house.  It is not perfect but has a lot of nice things about it.  It has two living areas - a living room and a family room.  It has a little land around it.  It is part of a mini community that has a...

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Arrival in Nicaragua

Mark Holsinger on January 22, 2013

We have arrived in Nicaragua!  We praise God for His provision, His faithfulness, and all He has done for us.  We committed to missions in September 2008.  The process has taken over four year, including a year of language studies, and we are finally here.  We are learning our way around, how to pay bills, where to shop, where the kids go to school, and a mountain of other things.  Many of these thing are very mundane, normal activities but are necessary for long-term survival.  We loook forward to what God does with us in Nicaragua this year.

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Waiting in Expectation

Mark Holsinger on October 27, 2011

7...6...5...4...3...2...1 We are nearing the finish line!  God has provided 93% of our support!  We have a few more hurdles before we cross the finish line.  But we are in the final straightaway.  We need the final kick to break the ribbon and cross the support finish line.  We need people to join us in the race.  We only need 7 people to make a “Momotombo” commitment of $90 dollars per month.  Or we need 14 people to make a Momotombito commitment of $45 per month. We are that close! If you have been thinking and praying about supporting us...

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