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Prayer letter June 2014

Mark Holsinger on August 21, 2014

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This is where we live

Mark Holsinger on June 19, 2013

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Moving into our new house

Mark Holsinger on June 13, 2013

We are busy getting settled in our new house in Nicaragua.  It is so nice to have our own house!  It was nice to have a place to stay when we arrived here but eventually it is nice to have you own place with your own stuff and not live out of boxes.  We like our house.  It is not perfect but has a lot of nice things about it.  It has two living areas - a living room and a family room.  It has a little land around it.  It is part of a mini community that has a...

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Arrival in Nicaragua

Mark Holsinger on January 22, 2013

We have arrived in Nicaragua!  We praise God for His provision, His faithfulness, and all He has done for us.  We committed to missions in September 2008.  The process has taken over four year, including a year of language studies, and we are finally here.  We are learning our way around, how to pay bills, where to shop, where the kids go to school, and a mountain of other things.  Many of these thing are very mundane, normal activities but are necessary for long-term survival.  We loook forward to what God does with us in Nicaragua this year.

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Waiting in Expectation

Mark Holsinger on October 27, 2011

7...6...5...4...3...2...1 We are nearing the finish line!  God has provided 93% of our support!  We have a few more hurdles before we cross the finish line.  But we are in the final straightaway.  We need the final kick to break the ribbon and cross the support finish line.  We need people to join us in the race.  We only need 7 people to make a “Momotombo” commitment of $90 dollars per month.  Or we need 14 people to make a Momotombito commitment of $45 per month. We are that close! If you have been thinking and praying about supporting us...

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Mark on February 1, 2011

God is the God of the impossible!  God enjoys doing things that are impossible for us.  When God does miracles, everyone knows that it was done by His power and will praise God!  In Mark Chapter 9, the story is told of a father who had a son who was possessed by an evil spirit and he brought his son to the disciples to be healed.  The disciples were unable to cast out the spirit.  That is when Jesus arrives.  He asks the father what is going on and the father pleads with Jesus for help: “But if you can do...

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Encouragement to our children

Mark on November 2, 2010

In October we had the opportunity to present our ministry at Bethel Baptist Church in Savannah, OH.  We enjoyed our time there as we shared in Sunday School, taught children's church and presented our ministry.  We enjoyed meeting many wonderful people.  We had a great time with Pastor Bouquet, his wife Sherry and their children.  The church did a wonderful thing to encourage our children.  They know children of missionaries do a lot of traveling and can be overlooked when visiting churches.  But the people of Bethel Baptist Church shared encouraging words with our children and they went the extra...

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October churches

Mark on November 2, 2010

God blessed us in the month of October with the opportunity to visit 5 churches. And Jen also spoke at a Ladies Missionary meeting.  The whirlwind began in with a 4 day missions conference at Bible Baptist Church in Newark, OH.  We provided a children's missions conference for the kids and spoke during AWANA council time.  We appreciated the many people we met and who provided meals, lodging and friendship to us. The Creekmore family were gracious hosts and made us feel welcome.  We even were able to spend a day with the Creekmores at CoSI (science museum in Columbus)....

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There is a party going on in Heaven!! Yipee!!

Jen on September 22, 2010

How cool is it when you know that God has placed you in the perfect place at the perfect time so that a little lamb can come home??  Tonight at AWANA, I took a little girl through her Start Zone, which is John 3:16.  As I walked her through it and asked her questions, I asked her if she had ever prayed and told God that she was a sinner, that she believed that Jesus died on the cross and rose again for her sin so she could spend forever with Him.  She said, "No".  Therefore I asked her if...

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I'm so glad God doesn't strike me dead :)

Jen on July 15, 2010

 I've been doing a lot of thinking since God decided to have us wait.  I was disappointed - to say the least.  And to be honest, I was mad.  I had it all figured out and God messed it up.  I kept thinking of all the things that were wrong with the picture - how slowing us down created less urgency for raising support - how God sold our home and now we are "stuck" here for another 7 months.  Then I felt like Job - and God asked me - Since you know so much - where were you...

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How bad do I want it?

Jen on May 22, 2010

So it is Saturday morning - 2:17 a.m. and I cannot sleep.  I have so many things running through my head!  We are moving - two weeks from today.  It is the first big move.  Moving from an apartment to a home is nothing - we barely had enough to fill a bedroom :).  Now we have four more people.  It's not just about Mark and me anymore.  It is caring about the kids and including them in the process of getting rid of things and deciding what to take.  Sometimes it just feels overwhelming and at the same time...

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Amazing Grace

Jen on March 28, 2010

We were invited to Memorial Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.  Pastor Wright is the wonderful Shepherd who leads there.  We drove over Saturday afternoon and home on Sunday afternoon.  It was amazing and for the first half hour of our trip home, all I could do, was pray and thank God for the amazing blessing and encouragement this church was to us. It was a missions conference.  We prayed a lot before we went to this church, that we would be blessing to them, that we would serve them, that we would present well, and that the children's ministry would encourage the children.  We...

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Isaiah 58:8-9

Jen on February 15, 2010

 8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,        neither are your ways my ways,"        declares the LORD.  9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth,        so are my ways higher than your ways        and my thoughts than your thoughts. Crazy how God does things to humble us and give glory to Himself.  We think that things should happen our way or God isn't in it.  I love how He chooses to work in His own way and teaches me to rest/wait/trust! We were scheduled to go to the Chicago area because our friends had set...

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Jen on December 12, 2009

Earlier this week I received an e-mail that my co-op was going to have a ladies Christmas get together on Friday.  I was debating on whether to go and I had to make some dessert/snack to share and bring a white elephant gift.  I kept changing my mind as to whether I was going and I finally made up my mind around 5 on Friday.  I would go, stop at Wal-mart and pick up chips and salsa and take books I was getting rid of, for my white elephant.  Even as I was driving, I was talking to my sister on the phone and telling...

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My Nana

Jen on November 1, 2009

     My  Nana is dying.  A hospice nurse says she has 24 hours to live.  She is 93 and has lived a good life.  She is my dad's mom.  I have such great memories of her flying from Boston, Massachusetts to Dayton, Ohio every summer and every Christmas - either for one week or two.  She was an incredibly hard worker and she loved to laugh.  I cannot remember one time that Nana ever complained.  In the past several years she has gone from being able to totally care for herself, to living in a retirement home that now gives her full...

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Never a coincidence

Jen on October 24, 2009

Last night, Mark had the all 3 boys at the AWANA over night and I had Julia.  We had our night all planned out.  Dinner, movie and shopping!! What more could a girl want, right? :)  Julia decided that she wanted Chinese - you know that Asian blood :) So anyway, we were sitting behind these 3 guys and they were talking in normal tones but I could still hear them clearly, as if I was sitting with them.  They were talking about the Army, apparently one guy had already enlisted and another guy was about to and they were...

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I was wondering...

Jen on October 5, 2009

 So I was wondering, does anyone ever struggle with their thought life?  I mean, when someone has offended you and you keep thinking about it, or you wonder if someone is mad at you because they treat you "differently" than they usually do?  Or you think of some past sin or lack of discretion and you dwell on it?  I think a lot about what Paul said in Eph 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the...

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His ways and thoughts are so much higher than mine!

Jen on October 1, 2009

 Craziness!! God is a God of GREAT gifts and surprises and when He chooses not to work in one way, He works in others.  It amazes me that He chooses to bless me, that I may think one thing is good but He know what is best! I'm so glad that He is in charge cause I would just make one big mess of everything!! Yea God!! So I pray, that as you read this, you will find great hope in God who gives so graciously, in His timing and with our BEST interests at heart.

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Jen on September 30, 2009

 Have you ever asked God for something, believing that He can answer the way you want and He doesn't?  I have, today, in fact.  I have been asking God for months for something very specific.  He chose to answer a different way.  Do I still believe that He is in control?  That He will provide?  That He still hears me and still cares even though I thought He should answer my  way? :)  Do I believe that He is who He says He is and He will work in miraculous ways, ways that I cannot even imagine?  YES!!  Do I still wish He had...

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I love God!!

Jen on September 29, 2009

Isn't God the best!!  How cool is He to create so many different people and make them so uniquely them?  AWESOME!!  Today Mark and I were able to meet with a pastor from a church who we actually met when we were in Nicaragua on our vision trip! How great is that??  That God already knew that we would take the vision trip at the same exact time as the pastor (Preach they call him:)) we met with today?? It was such a blessing and privilege to meet with Preach.  He has a vision to teach his congregation to Worship. Grow. Serve.  That is what their church is all about.  He has a great love...

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The Ripple Effect

Jen on September 20, 2009

 Mark and I volunteered our time to the Montgomery County Educational and Rehabilitation Center.  There was a One Day with God camp going on.  It is a ministry to reconcile a father who is in prison with his children. It is trying to break the cycle of fathers in prison and then their children making poor decisions and going to prison.  (Forgivenministries.org)  When Mark and I were talking, it really made us think about the decisions our fathers have made.  They both walk with God, and have made God honoring decisions through life.  Not that they are perfect, but they...

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Move That Bus!!

Jen on August 31, 2009

 Okay - so we didn't really get the home make over BUT we DID get our small group who came over and helped us paint and do other odd jobs!  What a blessing they were!! On Saturday we had 3 people come and help us with the ceilings and the kitchen.  We could not have gotten as far without those 3 incredible painters!  Then on Sunday - reinforements came!! Oh my! They were AWESOME!! They finished the kitchen, entry way, dining room, living room, hallway and the kids bedroom! Those outside replaced almost all the screens and whatever else we...

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Jen on August 26, 2009

I prayed before I called this person.  I have actually been praying for weeks and I finally called this week.  When we talked, he said, God put you on my heart and I was going to call you.  How incredibly cool is THAT?? We (Mark and I) met with him today - an old friend I used to work for 13 yrs ago.  He is the most gracious and kind man.  He took US out for lunch and listened to our request for partnership.  God is so good! He knew that this meeting would take place, He already knows its outcome. ...

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Why God chooses to bless us - will always humble me

Jen on August 16, 2009

 We had small group tonight.  In the summer - our church has small groups of people meeting in the local area - which is nice b/c we drive 25 minutes to church and the location of our small group is 5 minutes away :)It amazes me that God chooses to bless us.  It is because He does not treat us as our sins deserve - He is merciful and gracious and kind and loving and overwhelmingly generous.  I love Him so much, not because of what He does for me - even tho I am TOTALLY thankful, but because He...

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We did it!! Our first REAL presentation!

Jen on August 12, 2009

 We did it! We made our first presentation to Bat Cave Baptist Church in Bat Cave North Carolina on Sunday.  (Sadly, we didn't meet Bruce Wayne) They were such a gracious church.  The congregation was kind and it was a blessing to be there.  The pastor was out of town but he still allowed us to present our ministry on Sunday Morning.  They gave generously and sacrificially. We are so thankful to them and to God.  The DVD that Dan Ernst and I had been working on so tirelessly - was done on Tuesday (the Sunday before we were to present...

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It's almost done!

Jen on July 30, 2009

I have been working diligently for the last 3 days and it is now 3:18 AM and I have to finish up the last little bit so I can get it to Dan Ernst to put together for us.  I can't believe how many hours this takes.  I am so thankful for Dan and my friend Anne who have worked so much to help us with our presentation.  Our banner is done - it is 39 x 80 inches.  It's huge!! God has been incredibly gracious.  I searched all over the web looking for quality Nicaragua pictures and I came across DanCesar.com.  They have incredible...

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Creating a media presentaion

Jen on July 24, 2009

Oh my word!! I never knew how many HOURS it would take to put the media presentation together!! Thankfully we have wonderful friends who are doing the bulk of it. I think our banner is completed and our media is getting there.  We have a story line - that's a great place to start. haha.  I have no idea what we would do without my very talented friend Anne Wamsley!! Love you girl!! Tons of crowns in heaven for you!!

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Good Soil Training

Jen on July 14, 2009

 We just got home last night from our Evangelism and Discipleship training.  It was AWESOME!  If you ever have the privilege of being taught by Ron Berrus - GO!! He is an incredible teacher and I think it is because he not only teaches it - but he lives it - he evangelizes and disciples so he knows what he is talking about.  The training was 2 days long.  It was eye opening.  It really made me think.  I think Hope and The Story of Joy are great tools.  I think more churches should use these.  We drove up 2...

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We figured out how to work our website!

Jen on June 29, 2009

Holy Cow!! I am so computer illiterate!! I called Tom, the msites guy 7 times before he answered.  I think he had caller ID b/c when he answered, he said, is this Jennifer who has called like 7 times?? He was nice enough to help me through and now we can navigate through our website!! Hooray!! It's still in the works - but at least we KINDA know what we are doing :)

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