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Nicaraguan Pastors & Church Plants

We work with a group of Baptist churches and pastors in the Institute of Church Planters.  The goal is that every person, in every town, in every city, of every department of Nicaragua has the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the gospel message through the means of a local church.  Over a two-year period these men attend monthly training sessions and are mentored, encourages, held accountable, and actively involved in the church planting process.  These men work with limited reasources as they seek to begin new works in target locations in Nicaragua. The goal is for these pastors to be self-supporting; however, most have difficulty in having enough money to provide for their families, resources to teach their members, and funds to reach out in their communities.

We seek to provide for their needs from time to time as is appropriate.  Some things that are needed are:

  1. Sponsorship for the pastors for the church planting classes
  2. Bibles
  3. Theology resources in Spanish
  4. Sunday school material in Spanish
  5. Christian living books in Spanish
  6. Computers/Tablets
  7. Cell phones & minutes
  8. Rechargeable flashlights
  9. Motorcycles/Bicycles
  10. Food
  11. Chairs
  12. Church buildings

Some specific current projects:

1. San Benito - $3,000 to finish the church building

2. La Concha - $1,000 to build water tank for community with little water access

3. Diriamba - $1,000 for water tank for church with little water access

4. Sébaco - $4,000 for land purchase - $1,000 provided 2014

5. Tools for pastor for "home repair evangelism" - $200

6. Sponsor feeding centers - $50 per day of feeding

7. Managua - $1,000 to complete pastoral home

8. Diriamba - $1,500 to complete pastoral home