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One month in Nicaragua!

We have been in Nicaragua for a month!
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We have been in Nicaragua for a month!  Time flies when you are having fun!  So far we have been busy with a variety of tasks – looking for a house, learning how to pay bills, avoid car accidents, not get lost, and where to buy fruits and vegetables (and where not to buy them… an over ripe cantaloupe that tastes like soap is not a favorite).

The kids are attending Nicaragua Christian Academy.  The school is about 10 minutes or so from where we live.  Andy has joined the basketball team and is enjoying all the running the coach makes them do.  Gabe has two teachers (David & Sarah Weigand) who are from Dayton, OH and are teaching in Nicaragua for at least three years. Ben and Julia enjoyed an overnight science retreat at the ABWE ministry center with their classes.  They learned about God’s great creation, set off rockets, went star gazing, played games and went swimming.  The children are slowly making friends and settling in to their new school routine.

We are living in the house of our teammates, Bruce & Laura, while they are on furlough.  What a blessing to have a home to stay in while we look for a permanent one.  Our teammate, Traci Warner, is also staying in the house as she gets started as well.  We are enjoying our time with her. Our ABWE teammates have been very kind and helpful as we make the transition to Nicaragua.

I want you to think about the last time you started a new job.  When you arrive, you are excited to be there and get started.  Your new employer and the other employees are happy that you are there and that you can help with the workload.  But at first everything is somewhat slow.  You don’t know where to get more paper clips if you run out.  You can’t find the computer files that you are supposed to use.  You don’t know all of your colleagues and what their jobs are.  The job isn’t exactly what you expected.  Even though you are ready and willing to do the work, there is a learning curve and a time of transition.  This is sort of what it is like to arrive on the mission field.  We are in a time of transition as we learn to do the basic daily tasks in another culture.  We learn where to buy things.  We learn how our team functions.  We learn who people are and what they do – whether it’s fellow missionaries or pastors of churches that we work with.  This is our “new job” and we want to learn all we can about it and then we want to do it well. 

Prayer requests:
1. House
2. Ministry contacts
3. Godly friends for our kids

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! You have invested in us for a long time and we pray that God will use that investment to further his kingdom.

Our goal is to work with churches in poor areas, specifically targeting the children.  The picture above is of a church in a neighborhood near the Ministry Center.  So far it is just a roof.  We hope to help them complete the building, develop the feeding center, and possibly come alongside our medical teams as they meet physical and spiritual needs.
We are blessed to have a vehicle.  It is a 1999 Toyota Hiace that can carry 14 people.  It is great for hauling a bunch of kids (often to school and back).  We are learning our way around the city and how to drive like Nicaraguans.

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