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Moving into our new house

Mark Holsinger on June 13, 2013

IMG_1589 Our house
We are busy getting settled in our new house in Nicaragua.  It is so nice to have our own house!  It was nice to have a place to stay when we arrived here but eventually it is nice to have you own place with your own stuff and not live out of boxes.  We like our house.  It is not perfect but has a lot of nice things about it.  It has two living areas - a living room and a family room.  It has a little land around it.  It is part of a mini community that has a 24 hour guard patrolling. And it has some beautiful gigantic trees.
As we get started at our own house it brings up expenses that we had not thought of - of course we knew we would need appliances and some basic furniture - we bought a few things new but God provided two other families that were moving and we were able to buy most of our furniture from them.  But there are other costs too - like buying propane gas tanks to power the appliances, like gardening tools to take care of the yard, like fans, shower curtain rods, trash cans, etc.  Some of them are little but they add up.  So I was a little stressed about all the money that was needed.  And then I checked our support account and there was a large extra amount from one of our supporters.  I was stunned as I looked at the amount on the screen.  It was hard for me to believe the timing.  But that is what I should exppect from God - great things, right on time. God was telling me - "I am taking care of you".  Sometimes it is hard to rely on God (and other people) for our needs.  But God has always been faithful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing us!