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Prayer Letter April 2014

April 2014 Prayer Letter
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Shaken but not forsaken

On April 10, Nicaragua experienced a strong 6.1 earthquake followed by a 6.6 on April 13.  Hundreds of aftershocks have continued. The quakes did significant damage in some areas and minor damage in a widespread area. Some of the pastors and churches we work with had significant damage to their homes and churches.  The ABWE ministry center was near the area hardest hit and did suffer some damage.  Even after three weeks Managua remains on red alert and schools have been closed since the April 10 quake.  To better understand the fear, it is helpful to know the history of earthquakes in Nicaragua.  About every 40 years, Nicaragua has a significant earthquake.  The last one in 1972 leveled Managua, killing 6,000, injuring 20,000, and leaving over 200,000 homeless.  So now 40+ years later, the people are bracing for another big earthquake.  We pray that God protects this country and will use this fearful time to draw people to Himself.  We thank God that He protected us and continues to protect our family during this scary time.
We have new brothers and sisters in Christ! We teach at a bilingual school each Tuesday.  FIVE children prayed to receive Christ as Savior! Party in heaven! Carmen and a visiting friend Jessica, shared the story of the rich man and Lazarus and talked about how we all have to make a choice. During the break, I had the privilege of talking and praying with Bryan as he made a decision to follow Christ. He went out and told his two friends and they prayed with Jessica and our teammates, the Langs. In the next class two girls also prayed with me to accept Christ! We pray that these decisions are real and that these children follow Christ faithfully. God does the saving and knows their hearts. We will seek to encourage them to grow in Christ.
Semana Santa
In Latin America, Semana Santa (Holy Week), the week of Easter, is widely celebrated.  The convention of churches we work with has a big event on the Thursday and Friday of Holy Week. About seven hundred people came to a property of about 6 acres to hear preaching, to worship in song, and enjoy time together.  Historically there has not been a program for the children.  The leadership of the convention wanted to have a program to reach the kids and they asked us to help.  Our family along with several of our ABWE colleagues put on a program for kids, ages 9-14.  We had almost 100 kids in our group the first day and about 60 the second day.  We had different stations with music, crafts, games, and the Bible lesson. 
Prayer requests and praises:
1. Praise God for safety during the earthquakes that rocked Nicaragua.
2. Pray for wisdom and provision as we work with the pastors and their churches in repairing the houses and churches damaged by the earthquakes.
3. Last month we presented the work of Pastor Luis in La Concha.  Praise the Lord that a large gift was received by a supporter of our ABWE colleagues.  More funds will be needed, but this gift will allow us to move forward in plans for purchasing land and building a church
4. Pray for the feeding center as we look to transition to the new location that God has provided.
5. Pray as we plan for teams that will be coming to work with us this year.