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Prayer letter April 2019

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Please pray with us this month!

The ABWE Ministry Center continues to struggle and needs your help! Due to the civil unrest in Nicaragua, many events and groups have been cancelled. The center depends on this revenue as it does not have another consistent source of income. We are seeking support for the center and its ministries.

We are beginning a month of prayer for the ABWE Ministry Center. Will you pray with us this month?

In 2 Kings 19 and 2 Chronicles 20 we read stories of two kings of Judah who were be threatened by kings and armies much stronger than they were. They knew there was not hope of victory except through the Lord. They prayed and cried out to the Lord:

1. They praised God and recognized Him as the creator of the world and the supreme ruler of all. They extolled his power and majesty. God is able to do anything!
2. They presented the problem to God (even though, of course, He already knew about it). It was a big problem, impossible for the kings to overcome. But they had already acknowledged God as much greater than the problem.
3. They admitted their inadequacy and asked God for his help. "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you".
4. God solved their problem in a mighty way.

So we recognize that God is still the awesome creator and ruler of the world. Nothing is too difficult for Him. His plans cannot be thwarted. In His wisdom, He knows what to do. In His power, He can do it. And in His love, He takes care of His children. We trust in Him!

We also present our problem to God. We have a center that is in need of money, ministry, and manpower. We need money to operate. We need ministry direction in challenging times. We need people to run ministries and care for the property.

So we are crying out to God and waiting on Him for His provision for our need.

Please pray with us!

Specific ways that you can pray:

1. God's direction and purpose for the center.
2. Provision of a donor or donors who love camp ministry, who would be willing to commit significant money to be primary sponsor of the ministry.
3. Donations to cover operating costs as we navigate through these difficult times.
4. Possible partnerships with other organizations to use the property
5. The peace of God as we wait for His plan to unfold.
The ABWE Ministry Center in Nicaragua had over 20,000 visitors in 2017 and was very busy in 2018 until the crisis hit in April.

In 2017, we had almost 8,000 campers and over 1,000 kids accepted Christ!
  • We have a church planting training program for pastors and their wives.
  • We host other retreats and events
  • We host ministry teams from other countries
  • We rent out the center to churches, Christian schools for their ministries
  • The center also acts a hub for other ministry activities.
Mission statement: “Centro ABEM exists to provide a multi-purpose ministry center with a relaxed, peaceful setting for leadership training, camps, retreats, and events to equip and edify the body of Christ and share the good news of salvation."

Would you please consider helping this vital ministry continue in these uncertain times? The kids who come to camp and the other groups who come to the center need to hear of the love and power of Jesus more than ever before. This is a challenging time for our country. The people of Nicaragua are suffering. We would love to provide a place of retreat and peace for them to hear the Word of God and enjoy His creation.

You can give by:
1. Going to this link and using the code 0725301 Nicaragua Ministry Center: https://www.abwe.org/work/projects/nicaragua-ministry-center-project
2. Giving by mail: ABWE Donor Services, P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105. Please make check payable to ABWE Foundation and indicate the project number on the check: 0725301 Nicaragua Ministry Center.