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Prayer Letter April/May 2010

 Our Great Adventure: Ministering to the Children in Nicaragua!
WOW!! God is AWESOME!!  It has been so neat to see His hand working in our lives these past weeks.  We put our house up for sale February 1st.  It snowed almost the whole month and we did not show the house once.  In March, there were 6 showings and someone put a contract on it.  We close on May 31st and move into our new apartment June 5th.  There are so many details were we know God has been working, details about the home inspection, the apartment, and many others.  It is awe-inspiring to see what God has done and exciting to see what He will do!!

We had the opportunity to attend and participate in three mission conferences: Memorial Baptist Church in Columbus OH, Ebenezer Baptist Church in Logan OH and our own home church, Washington Heights Baptist Church.  It was extremely busy to design a missions program that targeted the children but it was amazingly rewarding.  We loved every minute working with the children and it inspires us even more to get to Nicaragua.  Each church was a blessing.  Memorial Baptist gave special backpacks to each of our children filled with toys, food and fun things.  They were gracious, sacrificially generous, and kind.  Our host family was priceless. Ebenezer Baptist was incredibly hospitable, they fed us every night and the people were fun and real and such a blessing.  Our host family gave the word hospitality a whole new meaning.  They were so sacrificial and loving and we were so humbled and blessed.  It was an absolute pleasure to serve at our sending church, Washington Heights,  and work with the children we have known and loved for years.  Each night - someone had us over for dinner.  It was a HUGE blessing as we were so busy and it gave us special time with wonderful families.

What is going on in Nicaragua??  Two children accepted Christ at an Outreach program planned and executed by the Youth at the church started by our team members Andy and Diane Large.  In March, the Institute of Church Planters (ICP) began its second round of 20 men training to be pastors.  Steve and Teri Robinson, other team members wrote this in their prayer letter this past month, "The outreach in Altos de Motastepe is facing some challenges at this time. Bismark, the Nicaraguan spearheading the work, has received permission from a school in the neighborhood to use a classroom for meetings on Sunday mornings. Currently he is in the process of trying to raise $50/month from Nicaraguan churches in order to cover rent on the classroom and transportation costs. Pray for Bismark and for the hearts of the Nicaraguans to see the value in supporting missions in their own country. Bismark's example can serve as a model for future ministry start-ups in Nicaragua. The Bible study group in Mateare just finished the first book, The Story of Hope, from the Good Soil evangelism and discipleship material. At their last meeting, a teenage girl accepted Christ."  God is working!!  Please pray for the people of Nicaragua!!

Our monthly support level is 36.49% and our O& P is 42.88%.  God continues to increase our monthly support and O & P. We are incredibly thankful for His faithful blessings!! Our financial goal is to be at 50% by the end of June so we can attend some mandatory training.  Will you pray with us??

Thank you so much for your love, for your prayer support, which we know is working - and we are blessed! Thank you for your financial partnership with allows us to minister to children and churches as we continue pre-field.  Most importantly, Thank you loving God from the inside out - and for loving the children in Nicaragua!! We can't wait to get there!!

Love and Blessings,
The Holsinger family