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Prayer Letter April/May 2016

How awesome to have walls, a roof, and a cement floor!!
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We are feeding more kids than ever!!

The numbers are growing - often times we are feeding 100-140 kids !! We are thankful for the opportunity to feed the children!! Remember that some of these kids only eat one meal a day so we are excited to reach more kids and meet their physical and spiritual needs. But we have a problem - the people who give the rice with soy and potatoes, have stopped giving potatoes. Now we find ourselves buying food (chicken, hamburger, vegetables, etc) each time we feed the kids to help supplement the loss of potatoes. Recently we had someone specifically join our financial team so they could help buy food for Rayitos!! Thank you!!! Yet our costs have increased. We need about $200 a week to feed the kids. Would you like to give to feed the children? If you would like to give specifically to feed the children at Rayitos, Please click the link and at the very bottom in the comment section, write Rayitos. Your money will go explicitly to feed the children. http://holsinger.abwe.org/donate-support
Many of the children who come to Rayitos wake up later in the day so they have less time to feel hungry. Sometimes the only meal they will eat that day is what they receive from Rayitos.
Growing up too fast
It's very common that these children grow up with one parent and usually that parent isn't even present. They are off working. The kids grow up so much faster because they have to take care of their younger siblings.
A girl in this photo is 17. She was pregnant at 14 and her mom was entangled in prostitution. She cuts herself when she feels out of control and can't deal with the problems of life. It is very difficult to raise a two year old by herself.

We have a cement floor!! It's so exciting to have windows, and a ceiling over our heads!! We still need to paint, put in the tile floor, put in a drop ceiling, and add ceiling fans. But it's almost done!!

You can see Rayitos on the left - with the window. To the right is the new property we purchased. Once the church building is done - we will start building the new home for the caretakers of the property. We need to raise $8,000 for the new house. WE ALREADY HAVE A MATCHING GIFT OF $4,000!! So if we raise $4,000, a matching gift of $4,000 will be given!!! Love how God works!!
When there are 140 kids, it is extremely difficult to teach them. After the house is built, we will build 6 classrooms so the children can be divided into their age appropriate groups. We are also hoping to partner with Compassion International so they can give the children a quality education. God is growing this!! Thrilled that God has chosen us to be a part of this Great Adventure!!
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