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Prayer Letter August 2011

I asked Mark if I could write the August Prayer and he said, “Yes!”

This past summer has been crazy busy – and God has shown me so many things.  So this prayer letter is just a few short thoughts about what God has taught me through our summer of travel.

People will often tell us – we are sacrificing a lot to serve God in Nicaragua.  God showed me that the people that partner financially with us and that host us while we travel – sacrifice too.  We stayed in homes where people gave up their master bedroom for us – and they put their kids in sleeping bags on the floor so our kids could have the beds.  They took us out for dinner – they fed our kids pizza – they shared their lives with us – they gave us water and juice for the road.  Overwhelming gratitude. 

When we were traveling – it got tiring – and to be honest – there were times of discouragement – but God was faithful.  There were people that God placed in my life at the right time to encourage us to keep going.  There was one person who shared with us about his faith growing journey and I felt tears in my eyes.  I felt like God was talking to me through his story.  There was a woman who was tired after a long day – but she came over and she listened and reminded me that God is trustworthy – more tears.  I felt like God was hugging me through these people.

People gave of themselves – they did laundry when we left – sheets and towels for one night.  They sacrificed time – one person was studying for his Boards.  People stayed out late, even though they had young children, just to get to know us and encourage us.  So many people encouraged and blessed our hearts and we could never repay their gifts of love or their sacrifices of time.  We received a large money gift - that we had NO idea was coming our way - and it came at a perfect time to help cover some of the expenses of 3 weeks of travel.

We are honored to serve God and we cannot wait to get to Nicaragua – we could not do it without the love of so many people cheering us on.  Thank you so very much for loving us and for showing us in such tangible ways!

WE love you – we thank God for you – and we pray that God will bless you in great ways as you continue to love and serve Him!!