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Prayer Letter August 2014

August 2014 Prayer Letter
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Team Scorpion

Ebenezer Baptist Church

In August, Team Scorpion came down from Logan, Ohio.  Why are they called Team Scorpion, you ask?  They had the unique privilege of living with them in their cabins.  Each night they did their fair share of killing and spraying for scorpions only to find new ones the next day.  Team Scorpion was a great team! They worked hard but they laughed harder. They were an awesome team and they blessed our ministries greatly.  We are so thankful for their willingness to come and serve in Nicaragua!! Hope we see them again! (Maybe different cabins though.)

The kids can go!

There was no ribbon cutting ceremony but the bathrooms at the Rayitos Feeding Center are complete!  (except for plaster and paint - but they work!)

Thank you to Washington Heights Baptist, the Cain family, and others who gave to help make this a reality.  Remember the old bathroom?  (pictured below) The one where Colombia told us that when she sat down on the toilet seat that cockroaches would bite her?  No more!! Thank you for providing for everyone who is part of the feeding center!!

Now we need a kitchen! ....... We have the blocks and the cement!  Men are digging the footers and we are ready for this kitchen.  Remember pictures of the existing kitchen?  So excited about the new one.  If you would like to help - we would be so grateful!!  Maybe you would like to provide the electricity, counters, cabinets, sink, stove. refrigerator, or peroles and lids, (big pots they cook in - pictured below).  If you would like to give toward a specific thing in the kitchen, let us know!! We will send you pictures of what you gave and how it is blessing the feeding center.
This is what Nellie cooks the rice or potatoes in each week.  Last month, someone broke into the storage room and stole this from the feeding center.  So now she borrows one from the church and has to carry it back and forth each day she uses it. 
We love making crafts at El Camino!!
The numbers keep increasing.  It has grown to 120 kids.  There are 5 adults that help each week; we are 2 of the 5. 
This year we celebrated our 19th Anniversary! We had the privilege to stay at the Hilton overnight and then off to Granada the next day. 
This was the old bathroom.  So thankful to you who gave so that the kids don't have to use one  this anymore.  Thank you so much!!
The kids started their second full year here in Nicaragua.  Andy is a sophomore, Gabe is a freshman, Ben is in 7th grade and Julia is in 6th. 
It is fun and challenging to come up with an inexpensive craft each week for 120 kids.  I am so thankful  for pinterest where I get most of my ideas.  If you have an idea you'd like to share, please let me know!
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