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Prayer Letter August-September 2012

Saludos desde Costa Rica!  Echamos de menos a todos ustedes.  August is a month of endings and beginnings.  In the U.S. summer has come to an end.  We know many of you endured very hot summers.  For many, school is beginning again. And the politicians are officially kicking off their campaigns.  Football season is here.

August brought many changes for us as well:


·         End of second semester of language school. Only one more to go!

·         Arrival of our teammates to language school.  Two families – the Doyles and Langs - that will be our teammates in Nicaragua arrived for language school.  This is an answer to prayer as God – through his people – has provided for their support.  We are excited to get to know them better and encourage one another.  Also, our ABWE Field Administrator, Gary Crawford and his family are in Costa Rica for the next few months as well. We are blessed with great colleagues.

·         Beginning of a new school year for our family.  We began the final trimester of language school September 4th.  And our children went back to school one day before us.

In September we traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to visit our teammates.  We stayed with the Woughter family – fellow Ohioans and wonderful hosts.  We were able to visit with many of our teammates and look at some potential houses for rent.  We did not find a house that we really liked.  Please pray that God would provide the right house for us.  Also, pray for our teammates, the Edgars, as their landlord wants their house for his family and has asked them to vacate. 


1.  Use of a car for the summer.  The wonderful Wheaton family gave us the use of their car for the summer.  This is blessing for shopping and going to church (since we normally walk 25 minutes each way).  And we were even able to take a weekend trip to the beach.

2.  Jen’s sister Kim and her husband John came to visit us.  We enjoyed seeing a little of Costa Rica, playing games, and going to the orphanage together.

3.  Our “adopted” Costa Rican daughter Priscilla.  Our family has become a second family to a special young lady.  She is attending college and wants to be a missionary someday.  She hangs out at our house, eats our food, helps us with our Spanish, helps keep the boys from picking on Julia, and makes us laugh.

4. We survived our first earthquake.  The school shook and we had to evacuate but there was no damage.

5.  Ministry opportunities.  We continue to visit the orphanage every week and are beginning to develop closer relationships with the children.  A couple times a month, we host the youth group bible study at our house.  And we are hosting our church’s Wednesday night Bible study as well.  These are a challenge since it all is in Spanish but it helps us learn Spanish better and builds relationships with the members of our church.


 A couple funny things from language school:

1.  I wanted to tell someone that I had already prayed for the meal.  I said: “Ya lloré” – which means “I already cried”.  (I meant to say “Ya oré”.)

2.  In class we were talking about discipline during our childhood.  I accidentally said that my father would take off his skirt and spank me with it.  That is a scary picture.  (Falda is skirt and faja is belt)


We are in need of your prayers.  Please pray for us.  Some prayer requests are:

1.     We would finish language school well

2.     Our children as they start a new school year

3.     Pray that we will find a house that will perfect for our family and ministry.

4.     We will be in the States from mid-December to early Jan approximately.  We need to raise an additional $600 in monthly support.

Thank you again, for your encouragement, prayers, and financial partnership!! God is using you to accomplish His will. We appreciate you!!!  

Mark, Jen, Andy, Gabe, Ben, and Julia