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Prayer Letter February 2012

La Paz waterfallsLa Paz waterfalls

Hello from Costa Rica

Les saludamos en nombre de Jesús.

We missed winter.  We are suffering in a tropical area.  San Jose is at a high elevation and temperatures have mostly been in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night.   That is a tough way to spend January and February.

It is a great privilege to be learning Spanish.  We are enjoying living in Costa Rica and learning Spanish.  We have been here two months.  We feel like we know our way around a little and how to function in everyday life.  We have learned a lot at the language school but still have much more to go.  God has blessed us with many helpful and encouraging people.

 I would like to share one specific blessing:  We decided to move houses after we arrived.  We found a house that was closer to the language school, nicer, bigger, and cheaper.  So we decided to move.  We were set to move on a Saturday and had a vehicle lined up to move our things. Then the Thursday before we found out that our friends had to leave the country immediately for three days due to visa issues.  We were not sure how to find someone else with a vehicle.  Well, God provided for us through someone we didn’t even know.  The house we were moving out of was on the market to be rented and a missionary named Dale Briley came to look at for a colleague of his who was coming to Costa Rica for a few months.  In the course of talking to him, he offered to help us move!  We decided to take him up on his offer.  He even took me to a store to buy mattresses we needed for the new house.  God often answers prayers in ways we would not expect or would even think of.  I know many people are praying for us and that gives us great confidence.  Please continue to pray for us that we would learn Spanish well and we would also learn the other things God has to teach us this year.

We also took our first trip outside the city.  We went to La Paz Waterfalls.  There were beautiful waterfalls and many exotic animals to see.  The highlights were the toucan aviary and the butterfly aviary.

This past week was Spiritual Emphasis Week at our language school.  Pastor Jim Keena from Bozeman, Montana was our speaker.  He spoke ten times on the life of Elijah – A man who James 5 says was an ordinary man like us but when he prayed fervently that it would not rain – it did not rain for three and a half years!  Most of us are very ordinary.  We do not have royal blood or hold high positions.  We are not fabulously wealthy and are not tremendously famous.  We are very ordinary.  But God’s Word says that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.  May we all be ordinary people who do extraordinary things through the power of an awesome God!

A few funny things from language school:

1.  Jen told her teacher that she was muy grande (very large) instead of muy bueno (very good)

2.  Mark told someone he was going to school to pick (choose) our kids (instead of picking up our kids)

3.  Mark & Jen were walking down a street and there was a sign that said:  Calle Sin Salida.  Mark questioned Jen what it meant as we walked by.  Eventually were realized it said “street without exit”.

Thank you for your faithful financial support, your encouragement, and your prayers.  You are blessing to us!

Please respond to this e-mail and tell us how you are doing and any ways we can pray for you.

Dios les bendiga ustedes!

Mark, Jen, Andy, Gabe, Ben & Julia