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Prayer Letter February 2013

February 2013 Newsletter
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We moved into February and continued looking for a home.  But God decided that we need to wait on Him, longer. :)  So we wait, but while we wait, we were involved in a couple of ministry opportunities.  The picture above is of a medical clinic.  Moms and children wait patiently in a long line to be seen by the nurse.  She weighs the children and keeps records on them to see if they are becoming malnourished and in need of intervention.  So while she did that, we played with the kids.  We didn't have anything to play with so we made balls out of trash and we made paper airplanes out of paper that we had brought with us.  This was also a feeding day.  The kids stood in a line with mom.  The children held in their hands a cup and bowl from  home so they had something to put their food in. They were given a scoop of very hot beans and rice and a ladle of oatmeal water.  Yep, just water with oatmeal in it.  There wasn't enough food that day.  We saw kids walk away with clean bowls and hungry stomachs.  I asked one boy, "Where are your shoes?", he told me he didn't have any.  So many needs, so much poverty. 
The little girl on Mark's shoulders was a magnet.  She wanted to be with Mark the whole time.  She loved to be hugged and held.  She loved to laugh and smile.  She was so cute!!   There are so many kids that just want some attention, someone to let them know they are important, they matter.  So it was awesome to be able to love on these kids!!
We visited a church plant in Principe de Paz.  It is about an hour from our home.  Dr. Ryal from our ABWE team treats both medical and spiritual needs.  We played with the kids in the streets.
We now have a post office box where we can receive mail!

Mark & Jen Holsinger
Apartado Postal P-17
Correos Linda Vista
Managua, Nicaragua
América Central

Letters take about 10 days.  Packages can be up to a month.  Please do not send anything valuable as there is always a chance items will be taken from the packages. Please put "Mark & Jen Holsinger" on the package even if it is only for one of us or for our kids.
Fire!  I fought my first fire at the ministry center.  I was at the center for the wedding of Jorge (who manages daily operations at the center). It was my first latin american wedding.  We had the ceremony in the dining hall and then had the reception there as well.  It was about time for the cutting of the cake when I was told that the back field was on fire.  We headed out to saddle up the tractor with a tank on the back.  The firing was burning pretty fast when we arrived.  At the front end it was hard to breath and was very hot.  We fought the fire with buckets of water and by beating the flames with tree branches.  Jorge came and joined the battle for over an hour before going back to his reception. The fire was soon under control and we spent a lot of time putting water on the smouldering areas.  Way to put the spark in the wedding day!
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