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Prayer Letter February 2016

February Prayer Letter
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The feeding center is under roof!

There is a roof over the feeding center now! A roof to protect from the sun and rain! We are excited to have the next step in the building of the church. The church roof covers the small house where the caretakers of the property live. We need to buy the property next door so that the caretakers can move there. Then we will knock down the house and proceed with the next steps - like windows, doors, floor, electrical, etc. We are thankful for God's provision!
ABWE Ministry Center Update

The ministry center is very busy with many activities! A new camp year has begun an we are excited to have a bunch of youth who are helping us this year. We are planning over 100 camps days this year! The camp theme centers around the Olympics with a continued focus on sharing the gospel.
The camp team!
Crazy big group time!
Sharing the gospel in small groups.
Game time! (Octoball or Gaga)

Centro ABEM welcomed our 5th class of men to the 2-year Institute of Church Planters program. We're excited and praying for them as they catch a vision for sharing the Gospel with their communities.

Centro ABEM is a great place for camp, pastoral training, retreats, baptisms, and other church events. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing about things going on at the center and some ways that you can be involved in helping improve the property and make it even better!

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