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Prayer Letter February/March 2010

 Our Great Adventure: Ministering to the Children in Nicaragua!

Lisa McGrady and her daughter, Lily, made this beautiful cake for our Lisa McGrady and her daughter, Lily, made this beautiful cake for our "Missionary Party".

We are excited to see God's hand during our pre-field journey!  In February we drove to Chicago and spent Saturday and Sunday with some dear friends, the McGrady family.  They were very gracious and creative and they planned a "Missionary Party" for us.  We had the opportunity to share our hearts with several couples from their church at the "party" Saturday night.  On Sunday, we were able to speak with the adult and children's SS classes at the McGrady's Church.  We look forward to going back and helping with their VBS program in June.  We were overwhelmed by their generosity and hospitality.  It was an honor to spend time with the McGrady family and their Church. 

God has blessed us immensely.  Our monthly support is 27.78%!! Our O & P is 36.86%.   Another church has partnered with us financially!   We are so thankful for the financial partnerships that God has blesssd us with.  It is amazing how many people tell us they are praying.  Thank you!!  Thank you for giving of your time to pray for us.  We know it is working!!  

Our financial goal is to be at 50% by June 30th so we can attend necessary training at ABWE the end of July.  In order to do that, we need to raise approximately 10% a month for the next 3 months.  We know God can help us do this!! Will you pray with us??  There are two other families that are raising their support to go to Nicaragua too, our teammates, the Doyles and the Langs.  They were in our candidate class last April.  Will you please pray for them too?

In March we had the honor of attending a Missions Conference at Heritage Baptist Church in Lebanon OH.  We put on a children's program Sunday morning.  It was such a blessing.  Brian Weed's family was there as well.  We met him in Nicaragua on our vision trip last April.  The Weeds are missionaries in Nicaragua and they started a church and partnered with Manna World Wide to start a feeding center for the children.  We appreciated the warm hospitality at Heritage.  They love God from the inside out and it was a pleasure to be a part of their Missions Conference. 

Our kids participated in the AWANA games and had a lot of fun.  Please check out our photo album :)

We continue to meet with individuals and it is an amazing blessing to us.  We strengthen friendships and build new ones.  We know that pre-field can be difficult but at the same time, it is incredibly rewarding to grow friendships that we might not have, had we not needed to raise support. God is awesome!

What's going on in Nicaragua??  My dear friend and fellow teammate in Nicaragua, Laura Edgar, shared this with me, "There will be a new round of ICP (Institute of Church Planters) starting up in March that Bruce will be a part of.  I'll also be doing a SS teacher training, Lord willing, for the ECC (encuentro con cristo) church (Andy and Di Large) in March as well."  So in two years, there will be more men trained to start churches.  We cannot wait to get there and start working alongside these Pastors and help them with their children's ministries!! (AWANA, SS, VBS)

We pray that God will bless you, that He will draw you closer to Himself, that He will make His face shine upon you, and give you peace.

We love you and appreciate you so much!