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Winter Snow 2010 Photos

Prayer Letter January 2010

Our Great Adventure: Ministering to the Children in Nicaragua!

What we WON'T see in NicaraguaWhat we WON'T see in Nicaragua

January 2010 is here!  And we are so excited about what God is going to do and what He has already done, in our lives. 

Christmas was spent here in Dayton, with my family (Jen).  And sadly, it was NOT a white Christmas.  But, a few days later - we had SNOW and the kids and Mark (maybe I should just say...the kids...since Mark is simply a bigger version of a kid) built this snow castle.  You can see more pictures in our photo album. 

Sometimes is seems surreal that we are here in the Ohio building snow castles and people are dying in Haiti.  We hurt for the people there; we pray for them and our hearts are broken over the tragedy, sadness and loss.  At the same time, it spurs us on in our pre-field journey because we see the devastation and we know that it could have happened in Nicaragua.  We want to get there and tell the people about Jesus!  We want to give them the hope of the gospel!  We want the little children to KNOW that God loves them and has a very special plan for their lives.

The ABWE Institute of Church Planting (ICP) in Nicaragua, graduated 17 students from the two year program.  One of those students is Bismark Ortega.  We met him when we went on our vision trip to Nicaragua last April.  Lord willing, he will be pastoring a new church in the community!! AWESOME!! When we get there - we can help him start the children's ministry in his church.  This is our passion, our calling, and we are so excited to get there and do just that!

Also - "Good new things in other respects are also taking place in the E.C.C. Baptist Church plant (in Nicaragua).  A larger and well-situated location for the church with a big unused auditorium has been found on the property of a good-sized Christian School in our focus area.  We have been approved for rental for four years.  The church should now be able to double its growth." Andy and Diane Large - other missionaries with ABWE in Nicaragua.  Yea God!!

It has been so neat to grow closer to God, to know that His time table is best and that I can rest assured that He is in control and I don't have to be.  We wait, we pray, we continue to be faithful to His calling for this time in our lives. 

The paperwork for our house has gone to our friend who is a Realtor.  Lord willing, the house will be up for sale NEXT WEEK!! I think I will have to be a master at throwing things in laundry baskets and putting them in the back of the van as we drive away for the showing :)  Please pray with us that God will sell this house in His perfect time; and that I will not go insane :)  j/k.  

We have been blessed and overwhelmed by the prayer support and financial partnership of family and friends.  Thank you so much for your prayers, thank you for believing in us, thank you for your financial partnership!

We love you and we pray for you - we could not serve God without you - nor would we want to :)

Love and Blessings