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Prayer Letter January 2012

We're HERE!! We are finally here in Costa Rica and it is FABULOUS!!!! Thank you, Lord!!! Thank you to all of you who have prayed us here and have been part of our financial team!! We are so excited to be here!!The Feria (Fair - E - ah)The Feria (Fair - E - ah)

It is all so new: the culture, the language, the people, the house, the climate (suffering for the Lord :), the school, but we love it here.  We have been here three weeks and hopefully we will move into our new home the end of January.  As we shared in an earlier letter - the house is bigger, cleaner, closer to school (since we walk everywhere) and less rent.  The person renting that house now will leave this Friday and the land lord wants to paint and fix a few things before we move in.  We would really like to be in January 31st so there are no issues with our current land lord.  Will you please pray that everything will fall into place so we can move in the end of January??

I enjoy people and I enjoy talking and it has been difficult to communicate with the people around me :).  We have an empleada, a maid, who helps with the housework and our language learning.  I asked her if she was thirsty and would she like some manzana (apple) ummmm (thinking hard...and all I can remember is the word I used while reading Psalm 1 in Spanish) ummm manzana juicio.  She burst out laughing and so I looked up the word in our Spanish dictionary and I found out I asked her if she wanted apple good judgment instead of apple juice.  Well, it sounded like juice :) I laugh at myself almost all the way through our lunches and so does our empleada :)

The kids are adjusting well to school.  Thank you so very, very much for your prayers.  We know that God is working and helping the kids adapt from home schooling to school each day from 7:30-2:30.  Only a couple of melt downs - oh wait - that was me - just kidding - thankfully the hard times have been few and far between.  We attribute that to the many prayers and we are so grateful to you!! Thank you!!

We both took our first test in Spanish - it was good - the grades were good - so we are thankful we are learning.  WOW - it is fun, difficult, challenging, hard, and exciting to learn Spanish.  I have so very much to learn and yet it is neat to see how much we have learned in two weeks.  We have 2 more tests this week so we would appreciate your prayers. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures in our Costa Rica photo album. It is such a small slice of our life here.  We have enjoyed the friendship of many people in our Spanish classes and we look forward to making friends with the Costa Rican people. 

We love you and we are so grateful for your e-mails - your letters - your words of encouragement!!
We pray the Lord will bless you generously and graciously.