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Prayer Letter July 2011


Mark and Jen, we are so excited about you all joining our team on the ground here. We have 20+ new church plants right now that could all use help with children's ministry. There will be so many ways that you all can plug in and really come alongside these new churches.  We also have tons of teams wanting to come to do kids ministry and we can't host them all ourselves! We've already turned down 2 teams for next year b/c our schedule is getting full.  I don't know if that's something you all have thought about but we would love to have some help in that area, too.  One of our goals at the Center is to schedule even more of our own (ABWE) ministries there. I would love to work with you all in kids’ ministry out there!  There are so many possibilities, we just need more manpower!”  (A letter from one of our Team mates in Nicaragua) 

We are needed in Nicaragua!!  We know that God will get us there in His timing.  Our passion and urgency to get there has not waned but grows with intensity, especially as we hear our teammates’ plea for more manpower!  Please pray that God will provide the necessary financial support ASAP.  Please pray about what part God would have you play in this.  If God leads you to partner with us financially – please click on this link: https://www.abwe.org/give/automatic-support-program/

July events

July was hot!  We are getting lots of practice for Nicaragua!

We started off July by celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary!  We thank God for his blessing of life companionship and that we can serve the Lord together.

Holsinger Family Reunion

·         Brian and Eva are stateside until Sept.

·         Joel and Natalie live in Phoenix, AZ. 

·         Mark’s sister Caren and her husband Rob live

      in Germantown, OH.  She just had our newest nephew in June!

·         Mark’s Granddad (He’s 90!) came from Indianapolis.

·         We had 24 people (half of them children) at Mark’s Dad & Mom’s. 

The third week of July was full with ABWE Missions Enrichment Conference in MD. 

The last week of July, we spent a week at ABWE headquarters going through church planting training (EMC).  We were able to participate in this training with our teammates who are also raising their support to serve in Nicaragua – Dan & Eirana, Jason & Beth, Andrea and Traci – we love you all.  We were also privileged to have Tom Wolf as our table facilitator.

On July 17th Mark had the privilege of baptizing Julia at our home church, Washington Heights Baptist.  We thank God that Julia is a follower of Christ and is obedient to Him. 

July 31st we had the privilege of presenting our ministry at Washington Heights Baptist.  We shared the ministry that God has called us to and vision He has given us.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful sending church.   

How can you help us?

1.  Prayer – Pray for us that we would be faithful and that God would provide 100% of our support by the end of October.

2.  Encouragement – We appreciate your encouraging words and e-mails.

3.  Finances –God has provided 74% of our support so far!  If 26 churches or people will join us at 1% - we will be there.  Will you be one of the 26 needed to get us to Nicaragua? (Why has our support number decreased?  ABWE changed the salary/housing allowance and the cost of our ABWE insurance increased.)

4. Church contacts – We need your help in contacting churches. You probably have some connection to another church through a parent, child, sibling, or friend.  We are asking if you would be willing to hand deliver or mail a packet of information to that church on our behalf.  We are not asking for you to do any kind of high pressure sales.  Just give the packet and say – “We support these people and we would appreciate you taking a look at their ministry.”

5.  Individual contacts – We need help in finding more individuals who would be willing to partner with us.