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Prayer letter July-August 2015

Prayer Letter July-August 2015
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Back in the U.S.A.

We are home!

We talk about being home, and Dayton, Ohio will always be home - but now we do not feel completely home here.  We left part of our hearts in Nicaragua.  We have a home there.  Our stuff is there.  Our dog and cat are there.  But most importantly, our ministry that God has called us to is there.  We arrived as strangers in a land of strangers and now we are friends.  We have great ABWE teammates.  We love our Nicaraguan pastors and their families.  And then there are those cute kids at Rayitos feeding center and other church plants.  We love them.  God has blessed us greatly.  Our first term was not without trials and difficulties but also brought blessing and growth.

We are in the United States until January to visit family, friends, and churches and to prepare for our second term.  We look forward to seeing you all and sharing what God is doing in Nicaragua.  Unfortunately we can not see everyone right away and we have some traveling at the beginning of our furlough.  But we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us and let us know how we can get together - breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, dinner, snack, cruise, Chipotle, park, backyard, our place, etc. We are home until January.  Thank you for your love and support.

The picture above is of the Holsinger clan at the Columbus Zoo (minus Natalie and Bella who we did not realize were in the bathroom).  We enjoyed a week plus family reunion with the Holsingers and currently we are in NC enjoying time with the Lloyd side of the family.
Just before we returned for our furlough, we helped host a youth team of 80+ people.  What a crazy, fun time - especially when we were rained out part way through on the 2nd day!  We crammed 150-200 kids in the Rayitos feeding center for three straight days.  There was no room to move but the kids had a great time and heard God's Word.  Thank you to Great Bridge Church!
We are staying with the gracious Hartsell family during our furlough.  They are so kind to us and have provided a great place for us.  And they they have two incredibly cute kids. Thank you, Brian & Jamie!
Prayer requests for furlough
1. Travels - please pray for safety and good travels
2. Renew relationships - please pray for opportunities to reconnect with friends & family.
3. Kids - pray for our children as they acclimate to the U.S.
4. School - pray for our children as they homeschool and juggle that with travels
5. Money for new microbus - we need a new microbus for our family and ministry. We are currently driving a 1998 microbus and need to upgrade to a newer one.

6. Support - We are currently at about 94% of our support.  We need to be fully supported to return to the field.  Please pray for churches and individuals who would be willing to support us.  We praise God for his wonderful provision for us and our ministry during our first term.
7. Rayitos feeding center - please pray for the kids at Rayitos, that they would attend faithfully and learn God's Word.  Pray for leadership during our absence.
8. ABWE Ministry Center - Please pray for the camps, pastoral training, and other events that happen at the center, that many would come to know Christ and be encouraged in their relationship with him.  Pray also for the financial needs of the center and the provision of several vital development and maintenance projects.

Furlough calendar
July 16-30 Holsinger Family Reunion
August 4-20 Lloyd Family reunion, travel to visit friends/family
August 23 Meadowbrook Baptist Church
September 4-12 Travel to visit friends/vacation
September 27 Memorial Baptist Church
October 4 Millersburg Baptist Church
October 15-16 Ebenezer Baptist Church
October 23-25 Washington Height Baptist Missions Conference
November 1 Emmanuel Baptist Church
November 8 Fellowship Baptist Church

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