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Prayer Letter June 2011

VBS, baseball, the Big 13 and the Big 4-0 - were all in our schedule for the month of June!

We started the month with Mark’s surprise 40th birthday party.  He turned 40 in April but I didn’t have time to throw a surprise birthday party – so I decided to REALLY surprise him and throw it late.   6 weeks late! He was definitely surprised!!  Thank you – to so many of you who came – for making it such a great surprise birthday party!!

WE HAVE A TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE!!  Andy turned 13!!  Thank you – to all of you who wrote him words of wisdom.  We put them together for him and I think they meant more to me and Mark then they did to him.  In time, I believe they will be valuable to him as well. 

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball….the boys were all on the same team and they had a great season.  It was really fun to watch the boys and cheer them on.  It has been a character building year for them playing baseball.  Winning is not everything – how you play, your integrity, and your whole-heartedness – all matter.

Andy in the VBS dramaAndy in the VBS dramaVBS at our home church, Washington Heights, was awesome.  Mark and I taught “Spread the Good News like Wildfire”.  How appropriate for where we are.  We cannot wait to get to Nicaragua and “Spread the Good News like Wildfire”!

t has been exciting to meet with individuals and share our vision, our passion to get to Nicaragua!! We have the last 23% to raise – that last 23% will cover our housing and ministry funds.  We are in the home stretch – it’s the final lap - please help us cross to the finish line!

Our team mate, Laura Edgar, just wrote us from Nicaragua –

“We are so excited about you all joining our team on the ground here. We have 20+ new church plants right now that could all use help with children's ministry. There will be so many ways that you all can plug in and really come alongside these new churches.  We also have tons of teams wanting to come to do kids ministry and we can't host them all ourselves! We've already turned down 2 teams for next year b/c our schedule is getting full.  I don't know if that's something you all have thought about but we would love to have some help in that area, too.  One of our goals at the Center is to schedule even more of our own (ABWE) ministries there. I would love to work with you all in kids ministry out there!  There are so many possibilities, we just need more manpower! “

We are needed!!   We want to get there and help our teammates!!  Will you please pray about what part God would have you play in getting us to Nicaragua to work with the kids?  https://www.abwe.org/give/automatic-support-program/

Sunday, July 31st we have the opportunity to present our passion and vision for Nicaragua in our home church.  It is in both Sunday morning services!  Will you please pray that we present effectively, that people will be blessed, and that they will catch our vision and passion?

Thank you so much for your prayer support!! We need it, please keep it coming!!  Thank you for your financial partnership, we are living on it J and so very grateful for your giving!!  Thank you for all your words of encouragement!! We are very blessed because we could not do this without you behind us!!