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Prayer Letter June 2014

June prayer letter
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Camp Time!

Two weeks of camp at the center

We helped our teammates, the Langs, as they hosted 2 Servant Life teams.  They put on day camps for two weeks for about 700 kids - including the kids from the El Camino ministry, the feeding center, and the school where we taught.  It was a lot of fun! We had a time of worship and teaching, games, songs, and of course, the pool.  For many of these kids, it is like going to a five star resort. 

Just because you are poor doesn't mean you don't have great taste in shoes for a day at camp!
The highlight of everyday was the pool!  When you live in a hot country and don't have a way to cool down, the pool is like going to a resort. When our kids from El Camino came to camp there were supposed to be two rotations of kids in the pool.  However, when we rotated, the kids who had already swam and changed their clothes, left their leaders, circled back around and jumped back in the pool!
In the dining hall for worship time.
The yellow team excited about game time!
How long do you think it took to feed 140 people?  Just under 15 minutes!  The kitchen was ready with plates and drinks as the kids went through the line, picked up their food, and headed outside to eat lunch. 
The new multipurpose building is nearing completion.  We were privileged to have Larry and Bev Smith, founder of the ministry center, with us for a dedication ceremony.  We can't wait to be able to use the building!
We served fried chicken to our feeding center kids.  Some of them had never eaten fried chicken.  (The kids from the feeding center are the ones who may only eat one meal a day.)  It was amazing that the kids took their chicken and wrapped it it napkins to take home to parents and siblings. 
Our church family is coming! We are excited that our youth group will arrive on July 1st to work with us! Our kids are pumped to see their friends!

Prayer requests:
1. Pray for our team from Washington Heights Baptist that God will use them to reach the kids of Nicaragua and they also will be encouraged and challenged in their walk with God as well.
2. Pray for our team from Ebenzer Baptist Church that will arrive at the end of July.  Pray that God will bless their effort and use them in a special way to reach the people of Nicaragua.
3. Pray for the feeding center as we continue to raise money and make decision about the building of bathrooms and the kitchen.
4. Pray for Cristo Es El Camino church as Pastor Javier and his wife will soon move into the parsonage that is being built.  Pray that their presence in the community daily will lead to close relationships with the people there.
5. Pray for Mark's Dad as he will have hip surgery in July.