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Prayer Letter March 2012

Our pastor and his familyOur pastor and his family

     It's hard to believe we have been here for 3 months already.  I remember when we first got here and I couldn't speak the language (well, I still can't but I'm learning :) )  I didn't know where to buy groceries.  I didn't know the area.  I didn't have a car.  It was all such a learning curve.  This past week, I went to the Feria by myself and understood enough Spanish to be able to pay for my fruits and vegetables.  I took the bus into San Jose with my girlfriend and I knew the bus route.  I took the taxi home by myself and was able to tell the driver where I lived - IN SPANISH :)  Everything seemed so scary when we first got here but after 3 months - I feel comfortable (sorta :)

     God has blessed us tenfold and I am so very grateful.  We have a wonderful home and I am so thankful.  We have several kindred spirit friends (families) and we do not take that huge blessing for granted.  We have great teachers who teach our children and who teach us - we are so appreciative of them.  WE ARE LEARNING SPANISH!!!!! YEA!!!!! The excitement of learning hasn't worn off (todavia - yet :)  Seriously - it is such a privilege to be here and even though there have been some really tough days - it has been incredible to feel God's presence in amazing ways and know that He is helping us learn the language!! Gloria a Dios! 

     This week, only Julia and Ben went with me to the Feria.  Mark and the other two went to play baseball.  One of the vendors we buy from every week, spoke to me.  I "kinda" understood him but it takes me a long time to process.  While I was processing (my mind is like a commodore 64) Julia interpreted for me and told me what he said.  Nice to have a built in interpreter!

     When Mark and I went out for lunch, at Wendy's, the guy was telling us that there would be a wait for the chicken sandwich.  Mark understood but I had the confused look so he switched from speaking Spanish to English.  Thinking I could thank him in Spanish, I said, "Usted habla Espanol muy bueno." Which translated means, You speak SPANISH very well!! AHHHH  I meant - you speak ENGLISH very well!! 

     My last story - when I was waiting with my friend for the bus, a man who had stopped by our house earlier and asked for food and toiletries,  was walking by and recognized me.  I said hello and was going to leave it at that since I didn't know much Spanish.  But my girlfriend started witnessing to him.  She knows more than I do but she's not fluent.  She cared about his soul.  I should have been praying for her - I should have been praying for him.   It was a gentle reminder that even though I don't know the language - I need to be praying for my friends who are bold and who are sharing Christ even with their limited knowledge of the Spanish language. 

     This month (April) - Mark celebrates his birthday on the 20th and Ben celebrates his on the 25th!  We have been counting down the days till our dearest friends - the Harbaugh's, arrive on the 24th (Ben's birthday gift :) 

     Thank you so very much for making it possible for us to be here learning Spanish! We are excited to be here and so grateful to you for your prayers - your financial partnership - and your letters - Yes!! Some of you have sent snail mail and it's so fun to get letters!! I feel like I am back in college :)  Thank you - Thank you! We love you and appreciate you so much!!

We pray you have a blessed Easter!! We are so thankful to be loving and serving a LIVING God!!

The Holsinger Family