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Prayer Letter March 2014

Tablet training!
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Tablets for Pastors

A new tool to help the pastors learn God's Word and teach it in their churches!

It was exciting as 25 of the graduates of The ABWE Institute of Church Planters gathered to receive and learn how to use their new tablets! Over a 3 day period the church planters’ eyes were opened to a whole new world of Bible materials which they will be able to use for their own spiritual growth as well as for preparing sermons, Sunday School lessons, and Bible studies …. it is impossible to name all the ways these men will use this tool in the service of the Lord. We are so thankful to those who gave to make this project a reality. Because of the lack of libraries, book stores, and money, most of the pastors have very little, if any, access to study materials of any type. When we stop to consider how many resources we use to put together a lesson it is obvious what a blessing this tablet will be. The pastors were amazed at how much information was on the tablet. When we showed them different materials they kept asking "Is that on my tablet?" We pray that this will be a great tool for them to study and teach God's Word.

Church Partnerships

We are looking for churches that would be interested in partnering with one of church planters.  We see this as developing a closer relationship between a church in the States and a church plant here. Each partnership may be a little different but would include a shared vision, a close relationship, and a way to measure results.  This could include financial support of the pastor or church projects, teams who come to serve the church, providing of resources, etc.  If your church is interested in more information about partnering with a church plant, please contact us.
Our friends from the U.S. came to visit us - Cathy, Arielle, and Abigail! They were so amazing and generous! They brought 8 suitcases.  They were filled with craft supplies to use with the kids, and hygiene packets (wash cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)  We were so blessed by them serving with us!
Pastor Luis and his wife Damaris with Jen

Pastor Picture

Each month we want to give you a picture into the life and ministry of one of our national church planters.  This month we begin with Pastor Luis - our precious friend and partner in the ministry.  Pastor Luis graduated from the first Institute of Church Planters planting program several years ago and now has become the director of the program.  He is a great leader for the other pastors and has a passion to help them as they start new churches.  He also is planting a church in La Concha - a poor community in the mountains known for its pineapple production.  He is working hard to establish the church and develop leaders to help him.  His wife Damaris is the curriculum director for Compassion in Nicaragua.  He has a vision to build the church and later a school because the education in that area is so lacking. He has found a wonderful piece of property near where the church has been meeting.  It is large enough for the future vision and has many fruit trees that could be used to provide money for the church.  The owner was unwilling to sell the land to anyone until Pastor Luis arrived.  The purchase price is a significant amount of money but less than the market price for that type of property.  It is well beyond the resources Pastor Luis or the church has, but we are praying that God will provide.  If you are looking for a place to give that will make a large impact, please consider this project.

Our friend Libby also came to visit us for a couple days!  Thanks Libby!