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Prayer Letter March 2016


Prayer Letter March 2016
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Rayitos purchases land next door!

God has provided for Rayitos to purchase the small piece of land next door to the current property. Currently there is a shanty house on the property that will eventually be torn down. The goal is to build a new house for a pastor or caretaker and then classrooms. But right now the land purchase allows us to progress in the church building on the original property since it gives us a new place for the caretaker to live. A team helped us knock down the house and remove a stump that was also inside the church building. The next steps are install the electrical system, plaster the walls, install doors and windows, build a small stage, install a floor, paint the walls, and outfit the church with chairs and tables, etc. So things are kind of messy right now but we are excited about all the changes. We thank God for His blessing and to all of you who have prayed and given to this ministry. Thank you!

March was another busy month at Centro ABEM - including a full camp schedule, church planting classes, and many other groups!
Special evening at youth camp.
Church planter classes - the new students.
The ABWE ministry center is a happening place! We are busy almost every day of the year and over 1,000 people visit each month. God has blessed us with wonderful facilities and a beautiful landscape with a view of the Momotombo volcano. Below are some of the projects that we are dreaming of this year. If you would like more information about these projects and how you can get involved, please contact us. You can give to these projects through our account: Mark & Jen Holsinger 0134493-026. http://www.abwe.org/give/ways-to-give
Kitchen upgrade: Our kitchen will serve over 20,000 meals this year! Our cook, Oscar, and his crew work extremely hard in the hot kitchen. We need to make some upgrades in order to give them the facilities they need to provide their delicious food. Items needed: Industrial refrigerator, freezer, range hood and ventilation system, racks, and outside storage area. Estimated cost $10,000-$12,000.
Maintenance building: Thousands of people visit the center each year and everyone enjoys the pool, gym, cabins, kitchen, etc. However, to provide these facilities and the grounds for all these people, a lot of maintenance and cleaning is necessary. Currently our maintenance and cleaning facilities and storage are scattered in several buildings and we do not have a convenient work area. We need to build a facility to house our washing and cleaning services, house tools and equipment, and provide a workshop area. This is not a glitzy project but one that is vital to the long-term maintenance of the center. We do not have an estimated cost on this project yet.
Office expansion: We need more office space! This is another project that is not very glamorous but very important. We currently have one office building that is 15'X15'. So all the business of the camp is happening in this small office while people come and go from the office. The center has expanded significantly in the past couple years with more visitors than ever, a full slate of camps, more church planter classes, and a farming operation. More office space is needed to provide work space and separation of the reception area from the office work area. We do not have an estimated cost of this project yet.
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