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Prayer Letter March/April 2015

Please Pray for Bismark Ortega and his three children.
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"The body of my wife is here but her spirit and soul have returned to the Lord her creator. "

Bismark's wife died Wednesday, April 30th.  Their children Kendall, Joel, and Cesia are missing mom.  Bismark misses his wife; but they do not grieve as those without hope. 

Six months ago Martha, Bismark's wife, became ill. April 30, 2015, Bismarck came out of the intensive care unit alone.  We were told that the only other words he spoke that night were, "Dios es bueno" (God is good).  He was married for 15 years.  He has an amazing testimony of how God saved him from gangs and addiction.  He is now one of our church planters.  He is a faithful leader, co-worker, and brother in Christ. 

I talked with my friend who is a nurse practitioner here and she knew Martha.  I asked her, if Martha was able to receive better medical care, would she have lived?  My friend answered, "Probably.  Especially if she had money and could have gone to a better hospital, she could have gotten the care she needed. "  It was such a sobering thought.  I have wrestled with -  Why me?  Why am I so blessed?  I have so much.  I will never know what it is like to not have money to go to the doctor if I need to.  I will never wonder if I can feed my kids tomorrow.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Therefore I pray that my heart will be a grateful for the amazing blessings I have every day.
Yay!!  Our kids from El Camino went to camp!  They had a great time learning, singing, and doing crafts but the best part was....THE POOL!!! 
Our kids from the feeding center, Rayitos, went to camp too.  They loved the craft which was making dream catchers.  They loved the pool too!!
We are so thankful to many of you who gave so we could finish the wall.  The bars on the windows and the gates will be installed this week.  This will greatly increase security.
Super proud of Gabe who won his school fencing tournament.  He just started learning to fence this year and he really enjoys the sport. 
We bought our plane tickets!! We will be in Dayton, Ohio from July - Dec.  We are excited to come back to the states and be with our family and friends!! We miss you and can't wait to see you!!
Andy had the a great opportunity to go to Costa Rica to play in a basketball tournament.  They had a lot of fun but we sure missed him at home!
We are thankful that God has provided a family to sublet our home here in Nicaragua and take care of our pets.  We are so thankful to the Hartsells for opening up their home to us for the 6 months we are stateside!
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