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Prayer letter May 2014

New location for the feeding center!
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Rayitos de Luz - Rays of Light

The feeding center has moved! The Rays of Light Feeding Center has moved to its new location - but just down the street. 

God has provided a piece of property for the feeding center and we are now having Sunday school each Sunday in addition to the Bible program and feeding done on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Previously, the feeding center was located on the front patio of a home, but now the ministry can grow on its own property with the goal of one day becoming a church.  The property is small but includes a small block house, a shanty kitchen, a latrine, and three large trees for shade.  There is still a lot of work to be done - but it works and we have more space!

We need your help!  There are a lot of details necessary to better equip this ministry.  Please prayerfully consider what part you might have. Thank you! (Amounts are rough estimates at this point)
1. Sewage system - $500 - already provided!
2. Bathrooms - $1,000
3. Kitchen building - $2,000
4. Outfit kitchen (stove, gas tank, cooking utensils, fridge, etc.) - $1,000
5. Small house for caretaker (or pastor in the future) - $4,000
6. Tables and chairs - $300
7. Special meal - meat for one meal - $50

The current kitchen
Cooking over a hot stove
Nellie works hard doing the cooking
Jen leading the singing
Cristo Es El Camino Church
Cristo Es El Camino Church - The earthquakes badly damaged the church building.  We had to remove the top half of two walls because they had dangerous cracks in them.  Then a basic wood frame was made on one side wall in order to reinstall the roof.  The bathroom was also damaged beyond repair.  We have decided to make some basic renovations to the church building so that it still can be used for church services.  This will only be temporary because eventually the entire structure will have to be demolished and rebuilt.  Our next step is to build a small parsonage so that Pastor Javier and his wife can move to the church location.  We believe this is an important step to help him reach the neighborhood and help the church grow.  We are in need of funds help with the development of this church plant and future plans for the church.
We had a scary event during our Mother's Day celebration at Cristo Es El Camino church. Since the church building was damaged by the earthquake there is a temporary structure to hold up the roof. Because the roof does not quite extend to the end of the building, the pastor put up a tarp that hung down to cover the back wall. It was secured by rope and some boards.  Cement blocks were placed on the roof to hold it down.  At the beginning of the service we had some strong winds and suddenly the cement blocks and the boards came crashing down on the platform just missing Pastor Javier.  It really brought down the house!  We are glad Pastor was not hurt.  So we had to fight the sun for a little while but God held off the storm.  We had songs, sermon by Jason Lang, a game of "How Well do you know your Mom", and a craft.
We made some new friends - Tyler & Killian visited us for over a week.  They did construction work at the ministry center and helped us in our kids ministry.
Killian made a friend at El Camino.  Thanks for coming, guys!
The Construction Continues!  The building of the new multi-purpose facility continues to move forward well in spite of the earthquakes we had.  The frame for the roof is almost done and the roof should be installed soon!
Thank you to all of you who faithfully support us - financially and in your prayers.  God has blessed us greatly through you! 
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