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Prayer letter May 2015

Pastor Bismarck's powerful testimony
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Pastor Byron and his wife Myra demonstrating how to say words of blessing to each other.
The newlywed game - to demonstrate how well we know our spouses - or maybe not :).

Marriage conference

"Through this woman I learned to walk on clouds!" These were the words of Pastor Bismark Ortega talking about his wife.  The most powerful and impactful speaker at our marriage conference was a pastor who lost his wife three weeks before.  He shared a powerful testimony about the wonderful marriage God blessed him with. 

He shared how when they were young, his wife rebuffed his advances because he was 5 years younger.  He shared about their first kiss.  He shared all the ways he knew her.  He encouraged and challenged us to love our spouses and cherish each day together.   I don't think there was a dry eye in the place; his words were such an encouragement. 

We are blessed that Bismarck, in the midst of His pain, is relying on God and he encouraged us to do the same.  We were honored to have other great speakers who blessed us as well.  We pray that God will work in our marriages so that we can reflect the love of Christ to the world.

ABWE Ministry Center - New Changes for Mark

Mark has been appointed as the next director of the ABWE Ministry Center.  We are excited that he will be taking on some new responsibilities when we return from furlough.   He will not only be in charge of the daily operations (administration), but he will also help facilitate programming, camps, and teams.  He will help the center run smoothly and with excellence.

God has blessed us with a beautiful facility: 160 acres with cabins, classrooms, dining hall, gymnasium, and pool.  The center was started in 2001 by Larry and Bev Smith and directed over the past 9 years by Bruce and Laura Edgar.  We are privileged to follow in their footsteps and, though we have a lot to learn, we are confident that God has great plans for the center and the ministries it supports.

Over 1,000 people visit the ministry center each month - most of them being children and youth.  Working as the director at the Center fits well with our ministry emphasis on children. We will continue to be involved in children's ministry at different church plants, especially at the Rayitos Feeding Center.  If you have any questions about this new ministry for us, please let us know.  We will be sharing more details including needs and opportunities over the next months.

Mission statement:“Centro ABEM exists to provide a multi-purpose ministry center with a relaxed, peaceful setting for leadership training, camps, retreats, and events to equip and edify the body of Christ." which helps fulfill the vision statement: “Promoting the worldwide church planting movement for the glory of God."
We are coming home on July 16th!  We are excited to see our precious family and friends!
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