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May-July 2012 Photos

Prayer Letter May - July 2012

DSC_0329 Our Panama friends

It’s hard to believe we have been in Costa Rica for 6 ½ months!!  We will fly home 5 months from yesterday!  (Dec 13) I think I need another year of language school.

This trimester has been very different from the first trimester.  The homework load has picked up to an average of 3 hours a night.  I am so thankful that the kids are not in school so Mark doesn’t have to help them with their homework   haha

A lot has happened in the past 2 ½ months since we last wrote.  In May, we started attending a new church!  We love our new church, the church has embraced us and we love being involved.  How are we involved?  We started hosting the “youth” group.  Ages range from 16-28 and they meet at our house 2 times a month.  It is really good for us because it forces us to speak Spanish.  

In June, we started a new ministry.  Our family goes to a local orphanage to play with the kids, love on them and share the love of God with them.  We are so blessed, excited, encouraged, humbled….Our home church had a VBS in which they collected money and stuffed animals for the kids in the orphanage.  They collected $500!!!!  Thank you Washington Heights Family!! We are so grateful to you!!

After we arrived in Costa Rica, we lost some financial support.  But God, in His infinite wisdom, provided for us!!  In June - Fellowship Baptist Church in Dublin Ohio, joined our financial team!  We are incredibly humbled and blessed by this.  We appreciate you Fellowship Baptist Church and we look forward to building a stronger relationship with all of you.  Thank you so much!!

We had to leave the Costa Rica again in June to renew our tourist visas.  We had the opportunity to go to Bocas del Toro.  It is an island off the coast of Panama.  It was an amazing time of rest, relaxation, and fun time with friends!!  We even got to snorkel in the Caribbean Sea! (See our pictures)

In July, we hosted a team from the States called UW (Uncharted Waters).  They are a ministry that does sports camps for kids as a platform to share the gospel.  They were here for 4 days.  Three guys lived with us and the 3 gals stayed with other families.  For lunch and dinner we prepared meals for 14 people.  We enjoyed the opportunity to host this team. 

Our kids started a summer camp program.  It runs June – August.  They go to school when we do, from 7:30 to 12 but there is no homework.   It is a program designed to teach the kids Spanish through fun activities and everything is spoken in Spanish. 

What I contine to learn in Costa Rica:

  • I don’t like to eat humble pie – but it’s good for me
  • Learning Spanish is fun and easy (JUST KIDDING)
  • God has never been closer!!  It’s through the hardest times that we grow closest to Him
  • I don’t have to use antibacterial hand cleanser all the time
  • I have never been more thankful that I can laugh at myself…and that everyone else does too

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in giving of yourselves through love, prayers, finances, and words of encouragement, so we can study Spanish!!  It is awesome to think that at this time next year, we will be sharing our passion for Jesus with the children in Nicaragua!! We can’t wait!!