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Prayer Letter November/December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It's crazy how time flies when you are having fun!  December is almost over.  Christmas day will be here in 5 days.

November was busy with visiting our last church of the year, field trips, friends, school, and getting ready for our two week vacation.  We left Thanksgiving Day to drive to Jen's parents in North Carolina. It was wonderful - their loving generosity and gracious acts of kindness were deeply appreciated.  We flew from there to Orlando to be with Jen's sister, Kim, for 9 days.  Kim was exceedingly kind in allowing us to stay with her.  We LOVED spending time with her - going to Disney World and Sea World.  This year - we brought Julia's friend, Leah - her life long friend from across the street (when we lived in Huber Heights) with us.  She was with us for our entire two week vacation and it was fun - when you have 4, what's 1 more? :) .

The other day, Julia came running into our bedroom with Mark's Bible and said, "Where is the story where Jesus got born?" Mark showed her Luke chapter 2 and she ran down the stairs.  We wondered why she wanted that and as we listened, we heard her reading to the neighbor boy.  Later she told us that he had never heard about Jesus or the meaning of Christmas.  She read Luke 2, she told him about Jesus dying on the cross and she recited John 3:16.   We are excited that Julia is passionate about sharing Christ.  On December 14, we had a four duplex Christmas party.  It was an opportunity for us to meet our neighbors and for our neighbors to meet their other neighbors.  We want to reach our neighbors for Christ.

We are so thankful for many who partner with us financially!!  We are at 54%.  Our Outfit and Passage is 86%.  Mark starts working part time January 1 so he can focus more time on ministry.  April 15 will be his last day at his accounting firm.  So thank you for your financial partnership so that working part time is possible

We are incredibly blessed by those who faithfully pray for us! We know it is working! Please don't stop praying!

Our support level is 54%, we need to be at 85% by the end of February to attend some necessary training - if we miss this - we will have to wait until November 2011.  It seems like a lot  - but if 31 people will join us at 1% - we will be there!! It can be done!! God can do it - we are praying that God will lead us to those He wants us to partner financially with.  We  only need $7,000 to complete our one time Outfit and Passage expense. 

If you would like to partner with us financially - please click on this link https://www.abwe.org/give/automatic-support-program/

Will you pray with us?  Will you be one of the 31 people needed to get us to our necessary training??  We are praying God will work in the hearts of those He wants us to partner financially with.  Please feel free to contact us with questions, or with names of churches that we can share our vision with. 

Thank you again, for your encouragement, prayers, and financial partnership!! We appreciate you!!