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Prayer Letter September 2011


GOALS  Can you think of a time where you were nearing the attainment of a significant goal?  Maybe it was graduation from school, or paying off your mortgage, or raising your children, or maybe completing a large project at work.  As you worked toward your goal, there may have been many up and downs – days where it was going well and other days where you were miserable.  There are days of crying out in praise to God and days of crying out to him for help.  Important goals take effort and sacrifice.  They also teach us to rely on God instead of ourselves.  And as we near the end of a task, we look forward to the completion.  There may be stress as we push to complete the final details and tie up loose ends.  We anticipate the day that we will rejoice that we have accomplished the task.

As we began our pre-field journey, we did not know what the road would be like.  There have been mountaintops and valleys.  God has taught us much and increased our faith.  We have enjoyed building friendships that might have never have been, had we not been on our pre-field ministry.  We are sure you are familiar with the song "Count your Blessings" and we have so many blessings to be thankful for. 

We anticipate our pre-field journey coming to an end.  We started this journey October 2009.  We have reached 90% of our support level.  We believe that God wants us to go to Costa Rica in January for language school, putting us in Nicaragua, January 2013.  But we cannot leave for Costa Rica until we are at 100%.

If you have been thinking and praying about supporting us – NOW IS THE TIME! 

https://www.abwe.org/give/automatic-support-program/ We need to be at 100% by the end of October so that we can complete our final training in November and have lead time to make the move to Costa Rica for language school in January.

 This is a September report but we have to tell about our first week of October.  We enjoyed a 4 day Mission Conference at Meadowbrook Baptist.  We were loved, challenged, and cared for.  We laughed a lot and made wonderful friends.  We love you all.

Thank you again, for your encouragement, prayers, and financial partnership!! God is using you to accomplish His will. We appreciate you!!!  

Mark, Jen, Andy, Gabe, Ben, and Julia