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Prayer Letter September 2014

September 2014 Prayer Letter
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Beans & Rice! 

Our team organized an effort to raise food for a community suffering from the effects of a major drought.

Many of us have experienced the effects of drought at some point in our life but it has never threatened the basic needs of our family. Through the generous giving of many people, we were able to deliver beans, rice, and oil to over 330 families in Malacatoya who are suffering through a terrible drought. Every house in the community received a bag of food and a tract with the gospel message. Pastor Carlos, the church planter we work with, said that the next day several people stopped by his house to thank him, and some were even crying. There was a woman who after receiving the food, immediately dropped to her knees, and started crying. She later told Pastor Carlos that she didn’t know what she was going to feed her family that day. Carlos said, “This has given us open doors to every house in the community". The church held a special service of thanksgiving for the food the next Saturday evening.  There were about 300 people who attended the service.  The people filled the whole yard around the church! This was the love of Christ in action to the community .
Work has halted on the kitchen for the feeding center.  God has provided the money so far, just as we were ready to take each step.  We hope to have the roof on by early this week but we lack the funds to continue past that.  We still need money for the tile, paint, door, electric, stove, and refrigerator.  Please pray that God will continue to provide "just in time".  We are packed in a smaller space during the construction but attendance continues to be very high - normally over 100 kids!
We look forward to welcoming a team from Memorial Baptist Church in Columbus, OH.  The group will be with us for a week helping us in with kids ministry.  We are so thankful for their servant hearts, for their generous spirits, and their willingness to partner with us. Can't wait to see you!!!
BRACES!  Sadly all of our children have a genetic overbite.  If they don't get braces, they will wear their bottom teeth down. The boys already have their braces and Julia will follow when her last 4 baby teeth fall out.   Many of you know how expensive this can be.  If you would like to help contribute to this cost please send your check to our support account.  Thank you!