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Prayer Letter September 2015

Prayer letter September 2015
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Family, Friends, Food, & Forever in the Car!

In August, we traveled over 3,000 miles, visited with 30 families, and shared 27 meals. There are 31 days in August so we stayed a little busy. We loved spending time with family and friends. They were wonderfully kind and gracious and they fed us like royalty. Some of our friends we hadn't seen in over 4 years!! First new experience was riding jet skis!! Thank you so much, Potter family, for an awesome day on the lake!! Second new experience, indoor rock climbing. Thanks for the really great day, Musick family!!

In September, we traveled over 1,000 miles (we slowed down a little). We visited 17 families, shared 17 meals, and had 2 fabulous CHICK FIL A surprise meals!! We also had an incredible vacation in Chicago. Thank you so much, McGrady family!! Julia slept on the window seat overlooking the city of Chicago on the 87th floor of the Hancock building. We are very thankful for the gift of a lifetime.

HUGE PRAISE! God provided an orthodontist for our kids who is willing to continue the treatment for FREE! What a huge praise and blessing for us. Thank you, Louanne, for helping us find that orthodontist!! And while we are sharing our praise, we are very thankful to Wendy Willard who designed our newest prayer photo!! Thank you, Wendy!!

We visited 2 churches, because we weren't busy enough. It was fabulous to reconnect with Meadowbrook Baptist and Memorial Baptist. So thankful for the partnership and renewed friendships. Spending time with the team from Memorial that came down last summer was an extra special pleasure. And we cannot fail to mention our home church, Washington Heights. It has been wonderful to be back with our church family!!

Lots of fun pictures of family and friends are below. We are disappointed that we forgot to take pictures of some of you!! :( Please forgive us.