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Prayer Letter September '09

Our Great Adventure: Ministering to the Children in Nicaragua!

We can't believe September is almost over! Where did the time go?  At the end of August, our whole family participated in helping put on a VBS for one day, in Cleveland.  There is a ministry that Norma Nulph started in inner city Cleveland and they reach out to the people who desperately need help, both physical and spiritual.  A group from our church drove up early Thursday morning and helped paint, clean, put up a new wall, and accomplish other various tasks.  We drove up Friday night to help with the one day VBS on Saturday.  It was a great chance for us to share the gospel with kids. 

Also at the end of August, our small group from church, came over to help us paint our home!  They were awesome!  Some came Saturday afternoon and some on Sunday evening (during the time we have our small group) and they painted and fixed the screens in the windows and painted and replaced whole light fixtures and painted and well...I think you get the picture.  (You can actually see pictures of our painters in our "Pictures are worth a million words".)  They were a huge blessing and answer to prayer to helping us get our house ready to sell. 

God is amazing!! Our church has been a HUGE encouragement to us and they have blessed us in amazing ways.  They recently committed to giving us approximately 10% of our yearly support!  We are excited about what God wants us to do and how He is showing us in so many ways that He hears our prayers, He answers our prayers and He will continue to lead and direct us. 

Please continue to pray that we will be faithful to what God calls us to do each day. We appreciate you, your love, your encouragement, and your partnership with us as we continue on our pre-field journey!  Thank you for your prayers and your support.   

Love and Blessings