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We trust in His timing!


7 February 2010 

God is so perfect in His timing!!   

Huge Praise - our home is finally on the market!  Our realtor told us that the best months to sell are February, March, and April.  We wanted to put it on the market back in the fall - but God knew better.  We are so thankful for many people who helped us get our house ready to sell. 

We are very thankful that we are able to get into churches!! Our calendar is filling up and we are ecstatic!! We have 4 mission conferences scheduled for March and April. 

We praise God for all the individual financial partnership meetings we have in February. 

We praise God that our support level is growing!!  We are so grateful for the overwhelming generosity of so many people who are partnering with us financially.

We are humbled and honored that another church is partnering with us financially.



Sell our home in His timing!

Find a new home to rent until we leave.

Manage our time wisely so we can complete our Pre-field assignments.

Raise 50% of our support by July so we can attend necessary training.  We are at 30% as of today.